Case: mobile VR — Showroom
Case: mobile VR — Showroom

Case: mobile VR — Showroom

What is a VR showroom?

This is a space with an area from 4m2 for viewing future residential complexes in a virtual reality helmet, where the client can walk around the local area, take the elevator, enter any apartment in the complex, see it in the pre-finishing mode and interior mode. A virtual assistant will tell you about each location and answer customer questions.


The client gets a completely new perception
real estate object

VR helmet only!

There is no longer any need for expensive equipment. To immerse yourself in our virtual reality, you only need the Oculus Quest 2 mobile helmet. No wires, sensors or sensors. Complete freedom of movement!

Doesn’t take up much space!

Only 4 m2 is enough for a comfortable stay in the virtual space. Moving is done using controllers in the hands of the client. If you have a lot of space, then it is possible to move in the usual way.

Example of a VR tour of a residential complex:

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